Precision Products offers a full-service electrical and pneumatic panel shop. While many of our panels are built in conjunction with turn-key machine assembly projects, we also offer stand-alone panel building services. We are also able to power up and test most panels that we build for US industrial voltage systems.

Our electrical and pneumatic panels are built to high standards for safety, ease of maintenance, and professional appearance. We abide by NFPA79 and NEC codes, and build to CSA standards when required.

Our panel shop is a dedicated area of our Candler assembly facility, fully air-conditioned and maintained to allow us to build in a low-contaminant environment.

Precision Products specializes in building electrical and pneumatic panels to your specifications, but we also offer CAD based panel layout design services. As well, we are ready to update your CAD files with redline drawing edits when changes have to be made.


Our expertise includes panels containing many types of electrical components –

  • Custom enclosure paint colors
  • Galvanized or painted backpanels
  • Control transformers
  • Motor protection devices
  • Motor starters, single and reversing
  • Fuses / circuit breakers
  • Single and multi-level pass-thru electrical terminals
  • Relays
  • Pushbutton / selector switches
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • DC power supplies
  • SERCOS / Fiber optic drive networking
  • Ethernet networking / cabling
  • DeviceNet wiring
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Safety Controllers
  • Safety Relays
  • Multi-pin type quick disconnect cables for machine connections
  • Engraved device tags
  • Ferruled wires
  • Heat shrink wire labels
  • Enclosure bonding / grounding
  • Enclosure cooling fans / ventilation
  • Enclosure lighting and switches
  • Disconnect switches
  • Enclosure labeling for electrical standards


When a panel is part of a larger, turn-key system, we provide a multitude of capabilities –

  • Junction box assembly and mounting
  • Quick disconnect cable construction
  • Proximity switch / photosensor wiring
  • Solenoid valve wiring
  • Cable routing, connection, and labeling
  • Conduit routing / wire pulling / connection
  • Device labeling and tagging with engraved, riveted tags
  • Motor cabling and connection
  • Lighting connections
  • Encoder cabling / wiring connection
  • Vision system connections – power, serial, network
  • Bar code reader connections – power, serial, network
  • Cable routing for machine motion
  • Startup and preliminary configuration
  • PLC / VFD / sensor commissioning
  • Emergency stop circuit wiring and testing

Pneumatic Panels / Machine Systems

Our pneumatic panel building services include the following:

  • FRL Assembly
  • Manifold assembly
  • Manifold mounting
  • Solenoid valve wiring as required
  • Brass piping for interconnections
  • Component labeling with engraved tags if required
  • Fitting installation
  • Tubing installation, labeling, bundling
  • Tubing prep for machine installations
  • Leak testing
  • Wiring as necessary (if electrical system or junction boxes included)
  • Pressure sensor setup